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Acrylic Statuette & Acrylic Statuette Frames

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Acrylic Statuette Frames

Acrylic Statuettes are more than the traditional cut out that most professional photographic labs can provide.  All statuettes are made in house to insure you get the highest quality product.

All Acrylic Statuettes are produced on 1/4 inch clear cast acrylic and each image is digitally traced to produce a vector cut pattern.  Each statuette is then cut by industrial laser to exact specifications of the image.

The base is also 1/4 clear cast acrylic but is designed with the statuette with a snap-on mounting system eliminating tape, glue or adhesives.  Our snap-on mounting system allows for this products to be shipped easily thru the postal service without fear or breaking.

Acrylic Statuette Frames are great alternatives to the Acrylic Statuette when a subject image is either two difficult to cut out or only half body image is available.  All Acrylic Statuette Frames are available in multiple sport template designs.  Below are some examples of Acrylic Statuette Frames.