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Order Envelope Design & Print

Midwest Sports can help you design your order envelope to reflect all of the products and package combinations you want.  Many of our clients have more than one designed order form to reflect different leagues and youth athletic organizations, schools, daycare, dance studios and event that you may photograph.  

Our flyers are available in full color and can be ordered in stock generic for all portraits events including our custom designed sports flyer specific to our products.  Our Graphic Design Team will provide all of the layout design for your order envelope and send a proof for your approval.  Order form design and printing are included at no cost with the purchase of the order flyer you wish to use.

Order Envelopes & Flyers

How To Request Order Envelopes.  You can purchase order envelopes in any quantity you choose however 100 is the minimum order that can be printed.  If you request any order envelopes without printing they can be shipped the same day.  If you choose to have your design printed or have Midwest Sports design and print for you it normally takes 24 hours to print and ship once we have received approval of your proof..

Custom Design, Layout and Printing Services.  Midwest Sports will work directly with you to design and print a custom flyer with your package configurations, pricing and order details FREE OF CHARGE.  You will only be charged for the envelope you want your form to be printed on.  Most order envelopes are printed on our high speed duplicator in black and white only.  We have the ability to print your order form in full color for an additional charge including the cost of the envelope.

Midwest Sports Order Envelope.  Our sports flyers with product samples is an 8.5 x 14 order flyer that has a 5.5 x 8.5 inch pocket for money and checks.  It is perforated at the pocket and has a glue strip for security and a zip strip on the reverse side to easily remove money and checks without damaging ordering information.

Midwest Sports “The Starting Lineup” order envelope is our most popular for sports photographers.  The other order envelopes are standard stock items that we purchase directly from the manufacturer and the images above only represent a small sample of designs that are available.

Package Configuration & Ordering Information.  The reverse side of the order envelope contains package configuration, pricing and ordering information for your client.  You may design your own order form or choose to have our Graphic Design Team assist you in the construction and layout of your form.  Midwest Sports does not have packages that you must purchase allowing you to design your form in any manner you feel is needed for your clients.  Due to the demand for order envelope design, we only offer this service to clients who use our lab production services.

Below is an illustrative example of how your order envelope can be designed.  If you would like to see other designs just give your Midwest Sports Customer Service representative a call and we will gladly email other alternatives.

Getting Started.  Midwest Sports will guide you thru the design process whether you are designing the form on your software or we are doing it for you.

  1. Contact Midwest Sports by phone or email your request to Customer Service customerservice@midwestsportslab.com
  2. You will be asked to email your package configurations and pricing information including studio name, address, contact number and all pertinent information that should appear on your form.  You should also include your preferred payment methods from your clients such as checks payable to and if you take credit cards.
  3. Most product packages and single photo items are labelled as packages by letter from A to Z.  You may even include items unique to your studio that are not offered by Midwest Sports.
  4. Once we have determined the basic structure of your form from either a sample you provide or any of the samples in our database, we will begin the process of layout and design.  Once a draft form is created we will send you a PDF proof for your approval.  It may take a number of proofs to to adjust everything according to your instructions and all of your recommendations are welcome.  Once a proof is approved we can normally go to print immediately and ship within 24 hours.
  5. Once a master order envelope is created we can always customize this form to reflect dates, time location and league name to make it unique to your photographic event.  There is NO CHARGE for our services just the cost of the envelopes themselves.

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