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Assembling Your Orders

Assembling photographic orders are just as important as printing them correctly.  Our competition normally stops right at the printing part and the assembly is up to you.  

Not us.  Not Midwest Sports.  We assemble your order completely following your instructions to the letter.  Each individual order is packaged in a clear poly bag.  All orders are grouped by team or league, identified by name and boxed.  We even include a 10x8 team photo for the head coach free of charge.

Other assembly options include Flat Stack Assembly for those who like to do it yourself, upgrade packaging envelope with portrait windows, individual package labelling and our unique Thank You For Your Order Index Card.


Full Assembly Service.  This is our maximum assembly service option that we offer.  Our catalog pricing for all products INCLUDE maximum assembly services whether you use our order entry software solution or send your order directly to Midwest Sports for processing.  Most orders are processed and assembled in the following manner:

The original order form from your client can be included to identify each order or boxed separately if retained by you.  You may provide re-order forms which can be assembled in each package free of charge.

Flat Stack Assembly Service.  The flat stack assembly service is identical to the full assembly service with the exception that we do not individually package each order and box by team or group.  We will stack all of the print sizes together in the order they were photographed, finish production on all post production items such as buttons, magnet, etc.  Depending on the products ordered we can discount our catalog pricing to reflect the reduction in assembly services.

Assembly Service Options

Assembly in Alpha Numeric Order.  When requested we can assemble orders in alpha numeric order upon request.  Great for proms, dances and schools.

Package Labels.  We can label each individual package with a 1x4 Avery label that identifies each order by name and small image thumbnail.

Package Envelopes with Picture Window.  An alternative packaging method in place of the clear poly bags, package envelopes provide additional protection to your portraits in a very professional presentation.

Package Index Print.  Most popular upgrade in assembly services.  The package index print is a 4x5 photo that details all of the information for an individual order.  Includes job name, image number and package ordered and a great replacement for the original order form completed by your client.

Additional Assembly Service Options


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