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Express Lab Services

Designed for the photographer who wants to eliminate all the work associated with processing order on software or log sheets.  Simply burn the images to your CD, DVD or jump drive.  There is no need to rename your files, crop images, color correct or resize as we will handle all of the details.  We will follow your instructions for cropping and color, provide detailed data entry for every order.

You will need to bundle up all of the order forms that are completed for purchase in sequential order, include a extra order form detailing packages and products sold.  We only have two worksheets that takes minutes to prepare.  Our Master Job Ticket is a one-sheet order form that details all of the products listed on your customer order envelope and the Team Code Worksheet that ties teams and groups to individuals.

Our clients find that it takes minutes to prepare your job for shipment to Midwest Sports and your order returns to you completely assembled by individual and boxed by group.

Submitting Your Orders

MWS Order Entry Software is available for all photographers for all photographic applications.  It is designed to provide you a one screen data entry and package ordering system that streamlines your photographic ordering process.  The unique advantages to our software include:

Most of our clients have used ROES or other ordering software that take a tremendous amount of time just to process a small order let alone the larger ones.  What could take 6-8 hours to process on a traditional ROES system can be now accomplished with our MWS Order Entry Software.


MWS Order Entry Software