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Customer Service & Office Hours

Midwest Sports is open from Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time.  We observe all major holidays and are normally closed on the weekends.  While our associates and staff work overtime hours and weekends during peak production seasons,  Customer Service is not open at these times.

Customer Service can always be reached by phone or email at customerservice@midwestsportslab.com   After hours support is available thru our automated attendant phone system where either a sales or technical associate on call can be reached.


Payment Methods.   We will accept company and personal checks wit hall orders and for your convenience we can accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card charges.  All orders that ore not paid in full at the time of shipping can be shipped COD.  In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we do not accept or establish net 30 day accounts for any order with the exception of re-orders from original production jobs.  

Minimum Orders.  Midwest Sports does not have a minimum order or dollar amount to process any order or reprint.  Reprints can be ordered directly thru our Rapid Reprint Service with images that are archived from your original job.  All orders regardless of size will be charged shipping or mailing costs and billed accordingly.

Product Pricing.  Midwest Sports offers a variety of products and services to our customers.  All products are priced accordingly and with respect to the services requested.  Our Catalog Of Services reflects maximum pricing you can expect from any order submitted to Midwest Sports however upgrades to packaging and assembly are available.  Depending on your needs we can adjust certain pricing schedules in order to minimize your lab costs.

Late Orders.  We realize that occasionally you may have to change an order that is already in production.  Any order that is not already printed and assembled can be changed without additional cost to you.  Orders received after printing and assembly will be treated as re-orders and processed separately from the original order and billed at catalog pricing.

Copyright Protection.  Midwest Sports adheres to all copyright protection laws and will not reproduce any copyrighted material without the written permission from the copyright owner.  Digital images submitted for print samples remain under the copyright protection of our clients.  Digital files submitted to us for samples and marketing supplies are printed with only the express consent of our clients whose responsibility  is to have consent for reproduction purposes.

RUSH Service.  Midwest Sports offers RUSH Services for any order when an earlier than normal deadline must be met.  We will try to always accommodate your request with respect to other production projects in progress and RUSH Services will be subject to additional charges up to twice the cost of catalog pricing.  Due to variations in workloads and seasonal schedules, RUSH Service may not always be available and must have prior approval one week in advance.  RUSH Service are not available for any order that is already in production.

Shipping Your Orders.  Midwest Sports uses UPS (United Parcel Service) as our primary shipping provider.  Provided we have received payment in full we will ship UPS Ground Service unless otherwise instructed by you or provided by Midwest Sports.  You will be billed actual UPS rates for any shipping method including ground.  Inbound shipments can be received by any method you choose however we strongly advise you to use a common carrier other than USPS due to the inconsistent delivery of packaged materials.

Damaged Products.  In the unlikely event you should receive a package that is damaged, it is necessary to keep the entire order as you received it until you have contacted Midwest Sports.  Once you have contacted our office we will give you instructions on how the damage items will be replaced and pursue damage claims with the carrier.  Midwest Sports assumes no responsibility for damage or lost shipments from inbound shipping carriers.

Liability.  Our goal is to safeguard all property and materials in the possession of Midwest Sports.  Submitting prints or digital files for processing, printing or other handling constitutes and agreement by you that any damages or loss by our company, subsidiary or agents, will only entitle you to replacement with the like amount of the processing or replacement item.  Except for such replacement, the acceptance of digital files is without any other warranty or liability and recovery for any incidental or consequential damaged excluded.  Midwest Sports strongly recommends any digital file that is submitted for printing services are duplicates to the original file.


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