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Midwest Sports Order Entry Software.    The Next Revolution In Workflow


Most of our clients have used a ROES System or other remote order entry software that takes a tremendous amount of time just to process the small orders let alone the larger ones.  What could take 6-8 hours to process on a traditional ROES system can be accomplished in under an hour with our MWS Order Entry Software platform.

If you are interested in trying our software our technical support team will install the software for you and guide you thru every step including installation and training.  Every software platform also come with a help application simplifying the order process for you.

Saving Time & Money

MWS Project Management Screen.  Easily identify all of the orders that you are working on including archived images from orders already delivered. Allows you to maintain a database and from this one screen select new orders to be processed or retrieve orders already processed.

MWS Order Entry Screen.  Control all aspects of your ordering process with one screen application.  You control every aspect of image selection including color, cropping, team code, duplicates including text data and package ordering.

When you have completed an order a MWS Invoice can be printed which gives you complete details of order fulfilment including thumbnails of every image in your database.  Also print packaging labels, mailing labels and other useful reports including full accounting details for cost.

MWS FTP.   Simplistic file transfer protocol that is used to send your finished orders to Midwest Sports.  A destination folder is specifically created for you that is accessed with a username and password.  Only you can manage this folder and it is not visible to other clients on the FTP network.  Simply drag and drop your finished folder into the FTP and it is on its’ way to Midwest Sports.


The Midwest Sports Order Entry Software is available for all photographers and photographic applications.  It is designed to provide you a one screen data entry platform that streamlines your photographic ordering process.  The unique advantages to our software include:

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