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Midwest Sports is a full service, professional photographic lab working with clients all over the country.  Specializing in school and sport portrait printing and order processing from package printing in multiple sizes to custom designed products.  Most of our products are exclusive to Midwest Sports including our Signature Classic Trader Cards, CD Sport Pack, Acrylic Statuettes and many others.  

We have been the leader in our industry since 1987 utilizing cutting edge technology in combination with graphic design.


Not unlike many of our customers we got started in 1987 photographing schools, youth athletic organizations and events.  Event photography was in its infancy and the sophistication of products was almost non existent.  At times we used three color labs just to get all of the products we offered processed.  

In 1992 we purchased our first printing and processing equipment in an effort to keep all of our portrait printing in house.  Brand new equipment was re-engineered to manufacturer products in our marketplace and soon we had other companies requesting printing services for products that were only available thru Midwest Sports.

Today we are 100% dedicated to providing our wholesale customers the most innovative and unique products on the market.  Our strong retail background from the early years has provided a foundation to give you the support needed from marketing to product development.  


Over the course of the last 30 years we have seen our competition come and go yet the market has continually grown and expectations remain high.  Our goal is to provide your company with the highest quality products at the most reasonable price we can offer.  No special gimmicks, complicated ordering software or unreasonable expectations.

Our commitment is to your success as without your business we cannot exist.  Our Customer Service Team is challenged to deliver our commitment accurately and without delay, whether we are answering your phone call or processing your orders.  We understand that the most important job we have is the one in front of us today and then constantly moving forward and  improving for tomorrow.



My hope is that you will take time to review our website to discover all of the possibilities at Midwest Sports.  We are confident that you will find our products and services either meet or exceed your expectations.  We are equally anxious that soon you will give us the opportunity to earn your business no matter how small your studio, just getting started or you are a seasoned pro.


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